Workshop management: Kristian Gohlke / Hannes Waldschütz - Bauhaus-Universität, Professur Human-Computer-Interaction, Weimar / Germany

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 Gohlke/Waldschütz - CNC Fabricated Textile-Pneumatic Inflatable Spine Structure

The workshop will provide hands-on experience in rapid prototyping based of soft, inflatable textile structures. In this workshop we will provide some input about existing materials, fabrication processes, prototyping strategies and give participants the opportunity to manufacture textile inflatables. The resulting inflatable structures are entirely soft and malleable, yet structurally stable, and can be used across a wide variety of application domains, including an integration with soft sensors & actuators.

Please bring: Laptop/tablet.
Number of participants: max. 15 (in groups of 3-5 people).
Participation is also possible without prior technical knowledge. Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

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Gohlke/Waldschütz - CNC Fabricated Textile-Pneumatic Muscle











Gohlke/Waldschütz - CNC Fabricated Textile-Pneumatic Muscle