Dr. Christian Norhausen - Teijin Limited / Teijin Aramid GmbH, Wuppertal / Germany

Dr. Christian Norhausen studied Chemistry at the University of Cologne with his master thesis in cooperation with BAYER on Technical Chemistry. After finishing his PhD in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) he started to work at AKZO NOBEL focusing on the development of new cellulosic fibers for textile and technical applications. After several years in technical and commercial account management of high performance fibers, mainly Rayon, in different markets like Tires, Mechanical Rubber Goods and other technical applications he joined TEIJIN in 2005.

Since then he held different positions in Sales & Marketing of high performance Polyethylene and Aramid fiber-products mainly in the safety and protection area. In 2018 he joined Teijin’s Innovation group “Solution2.0” and leads a team that focuses on developing and commercializing new smart safety solutions. The philosophy is to develop active and intelligent safety solutions with a network of companies & institutions based on customer needs, with customers being involved from the beginning.



» Thursday, 14:30 - Product development of smart solutions with focus on commercialization - Development of Smart Solutions from customer need to commercial product on the example of Teijin’s Active Cooling Vest