SALD BV, Eindhoven / Netherlands

Hindrik de Vries, Ph.D.
System Architect

Hindrik de Vries studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente and holds a PhD in Materials Sciences from the Technical University of Delft. After his PhD he started as a researcher at the R&D laboratory of Fujifilm in Tilburg (NL). In this role he was involved in optimization of roll-to-roll coating and drying of photographic coatings as well as in the adhesion promotion of laminates. In addition, he developed a novel roll-to-roll atmospheric plasma enhanced CVD reactor to deposit moisture barrier films on polymeric substrates.

At DIFFER (as a group lead) he supervised 3 PhD students to further explore the fundamentals of atmospheric pressure plasma processing. From 2020 he started as a System Architect at SALD B.V. where he is responsible for the development and implementation of plasma enhanced spatial ALD, the optimization of the hardware through a deep understanding of the physics and chemistry of the process as well as the development of an industrially relevant roll-to roll spatial ALD tool. 

Dr. Hindrik de Vries
Zwaanstraat 1 TX
5651 CA Eindhoven

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